Thursday 10.21.21


Thursday 10.21.21

Sandy D.

“Lake Ontario”
Rower Version: 
10 Rds: 
15/10 Cal Row
15 Slam Balls
30 DU’s
(Score- Time) 

Bike Version: 
10 Rds: 
15/10 Cal Bike
15 Slam Balls
30 DU’s
(Score- Time) 

32min Tasks: 

Station 1: (Wall Ball)
4 Rds: 
10 WB Arm Only
10 WB Squats
10 Two for One WBs

Station 2: 
4 Rds: 
10 KBS
10 S/L RDLs (each)
10 KB Plank Drags

Station 3: 
400m Run w/ WB

Station 4: 
4 Rds: (Torp)
10 Rise From the Deads (5 Each Way)
10 Double Crunches
10 Star Crunches

Station 5: (Rig Bands)
4 Rds: 
10 Banded Triceps
10 OH Banded Triceps
10 Face Pulls
10 Pull-Ups or B.O.R.s


Squat Clinic 10/23- See Corey or Joe for more info!

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Schedule Changes:
Starting Monday November 1st
Thrive- Monday through Friday new schedule:
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From 7am- 7:45am 6:30am- 7:15am
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Crossfit Saturday and Sunday new schedule:
Saturday’s from 9:30am and 10:30am classes to one Partner WOD class at 10am
Sunday’s from 9am and 10am classes to one class at 9:30am
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