Tuesday 11.2.21


Tuesday 11.2.21

Coach Gwen

“Corn Mazes”
E3MOM x 5: 
75 DU’s
15 SDHP (75/55)
*MAX Two For One Burpees in remaining time
(Score- Lowest Rd Total of Two For One Burpees)

5 x 5min AMRAPs: 

Station 1: (Row)
3min Row
2min MAX Lungesters

Station 2: (Bike)
3min Bike
2min MAX Burpees

Station 3: (Bench)
10 Bench Jump Overs
10 Chest Press on Bench
10 Tuck Pulses on Bench

Station 4: 
Bear Crawls
Crab Walks
10 Rev Burpees w/ Plate or Torp

Station 5: 
MAX Distance Run
AMRAP of: 1min Jump Rope
30 Abs of Choice 


Schedule Changes:
Bring a friend day is BACK!
First Friday of every month starting 11/5/2021

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