Tuesday 10.12.21


Tuesday 10.12.21

Coach Patty

Strength: 12min
5×5 Deadlift
(Score- Weight)

“Mario and Luigi”
10min EMOM:
Min 1: DU’s (:45secs)
Min 2: MAX Wall Walks
(Score- Total Wall Walks)

:45s On/:15s Off x 5:
CC Burpees (2 CCFT + 1 Burpee)
Curtsy Lunge Curls (2 Curtsy’s + 1 Curl)
Plank Drag Pushups (2 Drags + 1 Pushup)
Wall Sit Steering Wheels
Statue of Liberty Press (2 Sit-Ups + 1 Z Press)


Squat Clinic 10/23- See Corey or Joe for more info!

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10/25- 11/19
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