Thursday 5.20.21


Thursday 5.20.21

Coach Gwen

12min Strength:
Push Jerk 5×5 
(Score- Heaviest Weight)
*Small increases each set 

“Lose Yourself”
10min EMOM:
Min 1: :45s HS Walks or Wall Walks
Min 2: :15-:30s Hanging L-Sit
(No Score- Just Work)

30min Tasks:

Station 1:
3 Rds: (MAX Cal Row)
1min Arms Only
1min Regular

Station 2: 
3 Rds: (MAX Cal Bike)
:30s Arms Only
:30s Legs Only
:30s Normal

Station 3: 
3 Rds: 
10 Wall Ball Shots (Arms Only)
10 Wall Ball Squats
10 Wall Balls

Station 4: 
3 Rds: 
400m Run
20 Upright Rows
10 Bird Downs (Bird Dog Burpees)

Station 5:
100 Abs of Choice

Murph will be on 5/31/2021 from 9am- 1pm!
Sign up sheet at the front desk!!

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