Thursday 2.18.21


Thursday 2.18.21

Coach Travis

HOME WOD (If Snow)
12min AMRAP: 
10 G2OH
15 Up Downs
20 S/L V-Ups
(Total Rds + Reps)
—Rest 2mins—-
Cash Out:20 Snow Burpee Challenge for Time

12min Strength: (5-6 sets):
3 Pos Snatch (High Hang, Top Knee, Low Hang)
(Score- Weight)

12min EMOM:
Min 1: 3 Power Snatches (65-75% of 1RM)
Min 2: 15 T2B
Min 3: 3 Wall Walks
(No Score)

3 x 7min AMRAPs w/ 2min Rest b/w:

Station 1: 
30 Face Pulls
20 Tricep Extensions
10 Banded Pull-Ups
5 Two For One Burpees

Station 2: 
30 of the following: 
Curtsy Lunges
Squat Hold Curls
Torp Jumping Jacks
Dead Animal Crunches

Station 3: 
15/10 Cal Row
15 V-Ups
20 Torpedo G2OH
30 Torpedo Toe Taps

Classes Canceled do to weather. Open gym from 4-5:30pm
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