Thursday 11.11.21


Thursday 11.11.21

Happy Veterans Day!

3 x 5min AMRAPs: 
*2min Rest bw AMRAPs*
30 DU’s
15 DB Squats (2 DBs)(50/35)
5 Renegade Devil Presses (2 DBs)(50/35)
(Score- Total Rds + Reps)

**Pickup where you left off
Renegade Row DP:
(Chest to Floor + 2 Rows + Chest to Floor + DBs OH)

E4MOM x 6: 
200m Run
30 Mtn Climbers
20 CC Floor Touches
*MAX Torp Lungesters in remaining time


Bring a friend day is BACK!
*First Friday of every month*

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