Sunday 3.7.21


Sunday 3.7.21


“Task Tabata”
300 reps for time, following the pattern:
20 seconds of DB Snatches (50/35)
10 seconds of rest
20 seconds of Burpees
10 seconds of rest
20 seconds of Sit-ups
10 seconds of rest
20 seconds of Lunge/Lunge Squats
10 seconds of rest

After the round of squats, begin again with the DB Snatches. Keep a running total of reps and continue working until 300 reps are completed.
(Score- Time)

24min AMRAP

10 Down to 1: 
Glute Bridges
Bent Over Rows
CC Floor Touches

AMRAP in remaining time:
200m Run or 1min Wall Sprints
30 Bicycles
20 Double Crunches
10 D-O-I-U’s

Open Gym and Thrive: 8am
Crossfit: 9am, 10am
Recovery WOD: 9am (Thrive Room)

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