Sunday 10.31.21


Sunday 10.31.21

Happy Birthday, Coach Ashley!

Devil Press (50/35)*
DB Step Ups (24/20)
Deadlifts (185/125)

600m Run after round of 10

400m Run after round of 31

200m Run after round of 21
(Score- Time)

*1 DB

4 x 5min AMRAPs:
Station 1: (Slam Ball)
30 Slam Balls
20 Sit-Ups

Station 2: (Bodyweight)
40 Air Squats
30 Plank Sh Taps
20 Tuck Pulses

Station 3: (Torpedo)
20 G2OH
20 Torp Jacks
20 Bent Over Rows

Station 4: 
Max Distance Run in 5mins
*Gun Walks & OH Carries and walking 
if uncomfortable running


Schedule Changes:
Starting Monday November 1st
Thrive- Monday through Friday new schedule:
From 6am- 6:45am to 5:45am- 6:30am
From 7am- 7:45am 6:30am- 7:15am
*No changes to 9:30am or 5:30pm

Crossfit Saturday and Sunday new schedule:
Saturday’s from 9:30am and 10:30am classes to one Partner WOD class at 10am
Sunday’s from 9am and 10am classes to one class at 9:30am
*No changes to Endurance or Thrive classes

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