Saturday 5.29.21


Saturday 5.29.21


5 Stations: 5min AMRAPs: 2min Rest bw
Station 1: (5min AMRAP):
3min MAX Cal Row
2min MAX DB Snatches

Station 2: (5min AMRAP):
3min MAX Cal Bike
2min MAX DB Clean & Jerks

Station 3: (5min AMRAP):
3min Max Step Ups
2min MAX DB OH Lunges

Station 4: (5min AMRAP):
3min MAX DUs
2min MAX DB Squats

Station 5: (5min AMRAP):
5min Run 
*If bad weather: 
5min Plank: 10 Burpees every break 
(No Score)

16min Partner WOD: (AMRAP):
Partner 1:
20 KBS (53/35)
15 SDHP (53/35)
10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Partner 2: 
30 DU’s
:30s Plank

(Score- Total Rds + Reps of AMRAP)
(When 30 DU’s + :30s Plank is completed,
switch & Pick-Up where P1 left off on AMRAP

5 Rds: 
:30s On/:15s Off:
KB Cleans 
S/L RDL + Row (R)
S/L RDL + Row (L)
Broad Jump + 2 Rev Lunges
Plank Up Bird Dogs

Murph will be on 5/31/2021 from 9am- 1pm!

Crossfit Kids Summer Camp Program!
Ages 6-11
First session 7/12/21- 7/16/21
Second session 7/26/21- 7/30/21
E-mail [email protected] and 
[email protected] for more info!

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