Saturday 4.17.21


Saturday 4.17.21

Andy, Ben, And Lawrence

18min Partner WOD: 
Partner 1: (AMRAP)
8 S/A Snusters* (50/35)
6 Burpees
4 T2B + Pull-Up 

Partner 2: 
100m Run

(Score- Total Rds + Reps)
*P1 Completes Full Rd then Switch
*If T2B/Pull-Up Combo doesn’t work, scale to pick 1 or the other

25min AMRAP:

Station 1: 
20 Air Squats
20 Up Downs
20 Sit-Ups

Station 2: 
20 Curl + Press
20 Upright Rows
20 Windmill Sit-Ups

Station 3: 
20 Halo’s
20 Curtsy Lunges
20 Side Plank Taps (each side)

Station 4: 
20 Triceps
20 Bent Over Rows
20 Bent Over Rows

Station 5: 
50 In/Out Squat Jumps
50 Torpedo Jacks

Classes at 7:30am, 8:30am, 8:30am (Thrive), 9:30am

TODAY: MissionFit Rowathon
10:30am: Arrival for MissionFit Rowathon
10:45am: Opening Remarks
11: Rowing Commences
*You can still join us by showing up and we will put you on a team!

Be on the lookout for information on our upcoming Nutrition Challenge leading up to Memorial Day Weekend!

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