Saturday 3.21.20


Saturday 3.21.20

Lauren and Family

“HWOD 320”

Warm up

4 min AMRAP
10 Tuck Pulses
10 Plank Jacks
20 Toy Soldiers
20 High Knees


15 Rounds
30 sec on: 30 sec off
5 Up / Downs
10 Backpack SDHP
5 Backpack Thrusters
*pick up where you left off

Endurance WOD

5 Rounds
Run 3 min
1 min AMRAP – Push ups
Run 3 min (back to start)
1 min AMRAP – Squat Jumps

Score is total push ups and squat jumps

Workout Demo

Physical Gym is Closed. Virtual WODs are strong. Join our facebook Group
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Zoom WOD Tomorrow
8am –

Unstoppable Together Shirt Order
We are placing a shirt order. 100% of the proceeds will go to our trainers to help replace money lost through personal training during this shut down.
$25 per shirt, deadline is Sunday night.
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