Saturday 10.30.21


Saturday 10.30.21

Jamie A.

4 x 5min AMRAPs: 

Station 1: 
MAX Distance Run

Station 2: 
3min Bike
2min MAX Burpees

Station 3: 
3min Rower 
2min MAX WBs

Station 4: 
5min “Cindy”

18min Partner WOD:
“You Go, I Go”
8/6 Cal Bike
10 Alt Hang DB Snatches (1 DB)(50/35)
10 Sit-Ups
(Score- Total Rds + Reps)

5 Rds: 
MIn 1: MAX Cal Rower
Min 2: MAX Slam Balls
Min 3: Walking Lunges or Bear Crawls
Min 4: MAX Cal Bike
MIn 5: Rest


Schedule Changes:
Starting Monday November 1st
Thrive- Monday through Friday new schedule:
From 6am- 6:45am to 5:45am- 6:30am
From 7am- 7:45am 6:30am- 7:15am
*No changes to 9:30am or 5:30pm

Crossfit Saturday and Sunday new schedule:
Saturday’s from 9:30am and 10:30am classes to one Partner WOD class at 10am
Sunday’s from 9am and 10am classes to one class at 9:30am
*No changes to Endurance or Thrive classes

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