Saturday 10.17.20


Saturday 10.17.20


17min Partner WOD: 

Partner 1: 
5 Lungesters (50/35) (1 DB)
7 T2B
100m Sprint

Partner 2: 
:30s Plate Gun Hold

*Partner 1 completes full Rd then switch
(Score- Total Rds + Reps)


4min AMRAPs w/ :90sec rest between:
Station 1:
10 Lateral Lunge Jumps
10 Curl to Press
10 Gorillas 

Station 2:
20 Sit-ups 
20 Bicycles
20 Mtn Jacks 

Station 3:
10 CC Floor Touches
10 Triceps
10 S/L Glute Bridges (Each Side)

Station 4:
20 Russian Twists 
20 Side Plank Taps (10 Each)
20 S/L V- Ups

Station 5:
4mins of Running
*Length of buildings out back 

Classes at 7:30am, 8:30am, 8:30am (Thrive), 9:30am, 10:30am

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