Tuesday 4.7.20

The Nicoll’s (minus Josh) Warm up 4min AMRAP5 Pushup + Shoulder Taps10 Scorpion Twists10 Bunny Hops10 Alt Standing Glute Stretches Workout HWOD 40716 min AMRAP10-15-20-25…and...
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Monday 4.6.20

Loveton Farms Warm up 4 min AMRAP4 Spiderman5 Up/ Downs10 Toy Soldiers20 Jumping Jacks Workout HWOD 40620 min AMRAP10 Burpees30 Mountain Climbers20 Backpack Squat Cleans30...
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Saturday 4.4.20

University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center Warm up Tabata Mash x 4Jumping JacksButt KickersMountain ClimbersStanding Windmills Workout 400m Run 2 Rounds19 G2019 Bent Over...
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