Sunday 9.27.20

Charlotte Pathfinders Run Wild for Autism 5k NewsOpen Gym- 8:00AMClasses- 9:00AM and 10:00AM Join our facebook GroupDownload the Zenplanner APP (to reserve classes) Beyond Movement...
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Friday 9.25.20

Riley “Acura”Buy-In: 800m Run Then….27-21-15-9Deadlift (185/125)PushupsSit-upsThen…Cash Out: 800m Run Thrive3 x 7min AMRAPs w/ 2min Rest B/W:Station 1:2-4-6-8…etc Curtsy SquatsCurl + Presses Dead Animal Crunches Station 2:5-10-15-20….etc Cal Row G2OH...
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Thursday 9.24.20

Coach Holly “Mazda”16 AMRAP: 16 OH Plate Lunges (45/25)12 Burpees to Plate8 Pull-ups(Score- Total Rds + Reps) Thrive27min Cap: 50 Torpedo Jumping Jacks40 WBs30 Halo’s (R/L=1)20 Burpees10...
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Sunday 9.20.20

Dylan Hereford High School Track9am “Homeslice”6 min at moderate pace60sec Walk60sec Fast Pace60sec Easy Pace 5 min at moderate pace50sec Walk50sec Fast Pace50sec Easy Pace...
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