Tuesday 1.30.18

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Clean/Hang Clean
8 rounds
12 minutes to complete

"Bruno Mars"
EMOM x 10
Odd - up to 50 Double Unders
Even - Up to 15 HSPU


Cornhole tournament this Friday!
Friday, Feb. 2nd at 7:00pm - 
Signup sheet on desk.  Sign up as a team of two or individually and be placed on a team.
Either bring a meal for dinner or sign up for pizza from Serpico (10$/person).  BYOB

**if you have a Cornhole set and are able to bring it for the night please see Joshua

Registration for the CrossFit Open is Live. Learn more at https://games.crossfit.com. More info to come on the Open at Outsiders!!

The Secret Sauce
Written by: Colette Wheeler

As a collegiate runner, I ran a lot. I ran in the morning, I ran in the evening, I raced on Saturdays, and I ran 14-milers at 7am on Sundays. I ran long and, for the most part, I ran slow. Every day was predictable, and pretty much every day could be made comfortable because my body had long since adapted to the high-volume, low-intensity, unvaried stimulus presented. Often, the most uncomfortable part .... Read More

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