SATURDAY, September 15, 2018

   $180 before 8/1, $195 after 8/1


Join in the fun by competing or spectating ($10 at the door)

$1,000 in Cash Prizes for RX winners


RX: Male/Male Female/Female Male/Female (all combination complete against eachother)
Scaled: Male/Male Female/Female Male/Female (all combination complete against eachother)
Masters: 35+ Male/Male Female/Female Male/Female (all combination complete against eachother)
Teens: 14-17 Male/Male Female/Female Male/Female (all combination complete against eachother)

Every athlete is guaranteed 3 events.  There will be a final WOD for top competitors in the RX and Masters divisions.


RX: RX means you can do a vast majority of named CrossFit workouts RX.  This is not regionals but rather a high level local competition. 

Scaled: Scaled means you scale your workouts often but do some workouts RX at times. Events will be a scaled version of the RX division and approachable like the CrossFit Games open workouts. As a rule of thumb, you should be able get through sets of 5 pull ups in a WOD and do multiple reps of ground to overhead at 95# men or 55# women.

Masters: This will be in between Rx and Scaled.  Weights will be lighter than RX in some cases but will include basic and intermediate gymnastic skills.  Masters looking for scaled options should do the scaled division.

Teens: This will be in between RX and Scaled.  Weights will be lighter than RX and Masters, in some cases, (simular to the RX teen division of the CrossFit OPEN) and will include basic and intermediate gymnastic skills.  Teens looking for scaled options should do the scaled division.

**Judges needed. Please contact us if interested!**


WODs will be announce about 10 days prior to the event on our facebook page.


Refund Policy - You may receive a refund less $20 processing fee until September 1.  After the refund deadline, you may find an athlete to take your spot.



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