We have partnered with E4 Nutrition to give you a new kind of Nutrition Challenge!

E4 is led by our very own Kerri Whalen, a Certified Nutrition Coach, and backed by Healthy Steps Nutrition

Challenge Dates: Monday, January 28th - Sunday March 10th

Kick Off Meeting - Saturday, January 26th from 4-6pm

During this 6 week challenge, Weekly coach check-ins and social media will be used to maintain accountability and motivate you through the challenge. Spots will be limited to a small number of people and this new format will give you more individualized coaching focused on your goals, habits, and personal lifestyle. We will focus on building new habits around more than just nutrition. Key factors in this challenge include: the quality and quantity of the foods we eat, movement, sleep hygiene, and stress management are all critical to a healthy lifestyle. All of these factors impact how we look, feel, and perform, both in and outside of the gym.

I am ready for the challenge! What do I do?

Step 1. Decide to take the first step. Sign up! (Sign up sheets at the gym)

Step 2. Once you are signed up you will receive a welcome email so you can schedule your initial 15 minute biometric testing.

Step 3. Come to the Kickoff and be ready to learn! January 26th from 4 – 6pm

Step 4. Follow your plan, use the recipes, prep like a boss and CRUSH IT!

What is the cost? The cost for this Winter Challenge is $125 for 6 weeks. Challenge participants will have an option to graduate to ongoing coaching for a discounted fee.

I have a friend or family member that wants to do the challenge. Can they sign up? YES! The more the merrier. Email for more details on how to sign up friends and family kerri@e4-nutrition.com

Grand prize is 1 month of free ongoing nutrition coaching with E4 Nutrition!

Winners will be determined by both percentage of body fat loss AND completed tracker with the MOST POINTS. How do I earn points? Easy. Drink water, eat veggies and protein, track your food, get 6 plus hours of sleep, change a habit and exercise. Boom!

I am not sure if this challenge is right for me. How do I learn more? Send an email to Kerri at E4 Nutrition Kerri@e4-nutrition.com