Published October 15, 2018

I was introduced to CrossFit back in 2007 and immediately knew there was no going back to traditional training.  Unfortunately, at that time there were no affiliates within a reasonable distance.  This led to disastrous attempts at cobbling together mainsite workouts in a "normal" gym.  Finally in early 2010, an affiliate that didn't require a tank of gas and toll money opened.  After my first class, it was clear the most important thing I had been missing wasn't equipment or space but rather community.  The training brought me in but the people kept me coming back.  
Within a year, I completed my Level 1 and as one of the first members of a rapidly growing affiliate was offered the opportunity to start coaching.  Thus began an entirely new way to love CrossFit.  I quickly discovered that helping other people achieve their goals was as, if not more, rewarding than achieving my own.
Over the years, I've been fortunate to attend multiple specialty courses and work with a lot of very talented coaches.  Coaching CrossFit, kettlebell, barbell, mobility, and combatives classes as well as programming for a couple affiliates along the way has been a constant evolution, so rewarding, and a LOT of fun.  

My history with Outsiders started before there was a sign bearing its name.  I met Stan and Jess early on in their CrossFit journey.  From being there to "raise the rig" until today, the community they work so hard to build keeps getting better.  I couldn't be happier to part of it again.

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