Colette Wheeler

Published October 15, 2018

I began CrossFit in 2010. A collegiate cross country and track athlete, I thought that my sport of choice was running. As it turned out, after I graduated and no longer had a team to be a part of, I discovered that I didn’t enjoy running that much. When I shared this lament with a former teammate (coincidentally my cross country co-captain), she told me she was getting into this new thing—CrossFit. When at last I signed up for my foundations course, I discovered that CrossFit offered to me all that I searched for and more. 
To many, CrossFit is a way to work out. For me, CrossFit has created a way to live. In the years since beginning CrossFit, I have competed as a powerlifter, an Olympic weightlifter, and an individual, as well as a team CrossFit athlete. Yet, participating in competition is just a minor by-product of my time spent at the gym. The community bonds found within a CrossFit gym are uniquely solid and long-lasting. Each class presents the broad, sweeping experiences of life writ small. We all see one another at our worst as well as our best. We celebrate successes, experience trials, and provide support through hardships. An hour-long class is no longer a daily chore to be checked off; it becomes an essential part of life and healthful living. The single hour spent at the gym each day is often the best hour. As a coach, I strive to make it the best hour for everyone.
CrossFit Level 2
USA Weightlifting Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics

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