Motivation is Fleeting

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Written by: Jessica White

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up on fire? A surge of energy for whatever the day holds. Today was one of those days for me. I got 8.5 hours of solid sleep. It was a miracle. Baby Gavin, Stan, and I all slept. All night. It has felt like a long time since I’ve slept like that and I woke up feeling like a whole new person. Ready for whatever the day throws at me and then some. The task list started running through my head, along with an abundance of new ideas to add to that task list. I was so motivated.

This got me thinking about a conversation I had last week before the 9:30 am class with Russell. We talked about how far he has come with his health and fitness in the past year and what kind of effort that took for him. He reflected that there was never any huge breakthrough or sudden results from a surge of effort. It was little by little. Brick by brick. Day by day. He then said to me, a common quote, “motivation is fleeting.” It takes consistent work even when you aren’t motivated to get results.

Success comes to those who are disciplined enough to put in the work even when they aren’t feeling motivated. We all have those periods when we feel energized and jazzed up, when putting in the extra effort is desirable and fun. We need those moments to get us through. But, we aren’t going to feel like this every day, or even most of the time. It’s the days when you “just don’t feel like it” that leave the most room for growth. While Stan and I were working on building Outsiders, if we would have only worked on the days that we felt like it, the doors would have never opened. We didn’t make Outsiders happen because we are exceptionally motivated people. It took, and still takes, a ton of discipline (and a TON of help from some super awesome people). There are so many days that I don’t feel like going back to the gym to workout. Even more so now that we have a tiny energizer bunny-like 9 month old. I have all the excuses. But I reluctantly get in the car, drive to the gym and walk through those doors. And I am better for it.

Long term success lies in doing it when you don’t want to. Cooking that healthy meal when it’s hard to find time, going to the gym when you don’t feel like it, waking up early when you’re tired, doing work when you’d rather relax. Today I feel motivated. Tomorrow I may not. When you feel motivated, take advantage of it. Use those days to do cool things, but don’t get carried away. Save some gas in the tank for tomorrow, because you never know how you might feel. Feelings don’t last. Discipline does.

How do you feel today? Regardless of your answer, put one foot in front of the other and get it done. A year from today you will be so happy you did.

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