Fitness Makes Everyone Better

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Written by: Stan White

Think back to when you first started CrossFit.  You were a bit nervous but were even more motivated to better yourself.  Maybe you wanted to lose 10 pounds and have more energy to play with the kids.  Or maybe, you wanted to be as strong as you were when you played high school or college athletics.  Whatever your initial reason, it motivated you to get started even though life was hectic. You had no idea where you were going to find an extra hour 3 to 5 hours per week to fit in the gym.


And then it happened!  You drank the proverbial CrossFit Kool-Aid.  You were hooked. Not only were you well on your way to your initial goals but you saw much broader benefits.  Your knee no longer hurt every time you got out of bed. You seem to be thinking clearer and getting through work more efficiently.  Your spouse has not just noticed your physical changes but comments how you seem more positive and thoughtful. You are so astounded by all the positive effects, you simply must share this with everyone!


Some of your friends and family rolled their eyes and told you that you had joined a cult.  Others listen because they could tell you had changed. Your parents decide they will do The Whole 30 Challenge with you.  As a result, your dad is able to significantly reduce his heart medication. You decide you not only want to be an influence with your family and friends but you want to be a leader at the box.  You make sure to welcome all of the newcomers and cheer on everyone as they finish with a fist pump.


As time goes on, you notice that you are not the only one who as seen dramatic changes.  Sally, who started a couple weeks after you, looks like a completely new person and mentioned how she just got promoted.  In fact, the gym is full of the best people. They all seem to be humble, willing to help others and constantly trying to improve all aspects of themselves.  Clearly, this is one of the best groups of people you have ever known.


Let’s do a little thought experiment.  Imagine the City of Baltimore, with 20 CrossFit gyms around the beltway that had this type of impact.  Would that make for a better metro area in general? Now imagine a state that had several cities that were filled with CrossFit boxes that are impacting lives and community this way.  Do you think the healthcare crisis in this nation would be influenced if a majority of the states had cities filled with CrossFit boxes making last changes? The western world is facing a tsunami of chronic disease.  Our gym, along with thousands of others around the world, are the lifeboat from this modern plaque of death and destruction. While we make ourselves better, we are making our communities better. We are making our little corner of the world a little better, one rep, one workout at a time.


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