The Unknown and the Unknowable

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Written by: Stan White

The path of life always seems so clear in the rearview mirror. The twists and turns that avoided dangerous pit falls. The small hills that were preparing us for the mountain we had to climb. The trouble is the path forward is much less clear. It always seems just out of view. We have this vision in our mind of where life’s path is leading us, but so often the next bend in the road takes us in a completely different direction.

When I look at my life from a year ago, heck, six months ago, I am shocked with how it has changed. I never would have guessed the house I am living in, the relationships that have been forged not to mention fatherhood is something that defies description. I suspect when I look back at the next year or two, I will continue to be surprised with what God had in store.

This certainty of uncertainty is why fitness is toward the top of my priorities. While I have no idea what lies ahead, I am confident it will include many challenges. I think of all the unexpected challenges that members of our Outsiders family are facing as we speak. When that next challenge comes, I want to be ready. I wonder, will I be strong enough? Will I have enough endurance? Will I have enough focus? Will I have enough mental toughness? Will I be able to persevere? In a grander sense, will I be fit enough?

As we are in the midst of the CrossFit OPEN, and are searching Instagram for the magic tip that will shave a few seconds from our score, keep in mind why “fitness” is such a priority for you. With all the things in life that compete for your time, you come to the gym 3, 4 or 5+ hours a week. Why? Suffering together that make us better. Sure, we can do burpees a little faster and squat clean a little more weight, but I think we are continually improved in deeper ways as well.

As CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman puts it, “CrossFit prepares for the unknown and unknowable…or [for] getting ready for war, getting ready for earthquake, getting ready for mugging, getting ready for the horrible news that you have leukemia. What awaits us all is challenge, that's for sure.”

When that challenge comes, I want to be ready.

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