Open Season 2018

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Written by: Colette Wheeler

Hey team, it’s Open Season.  The CrossFit Open, that is.  In probably every class you’ll take between now and February 22, your coach, your peers, Stan, or a combo of all three will be calling for your registration. If you are already interested in signing up, go ahead and skip to the end of this post for further instructions.  If you’re on the fence or decided against it, then by all means -- read on.  

This is my 7th year of CrossFit.  I participated in the Open in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.  Honestly, I signed up in the past because I was a coach, and it’s just sort of what I thought I should do. As a result of some ill-guided, misplaced ideas and opinions regarding the Open and CrossFit in general, I wasn’t too keen on the whole concept. For the 2017 Open, I had joined Outsiders, and although I was pregnant and hadn’t really worked out during the three months prior to joining, I did all the Open workouts at Friday Night Lights. Holding tight to my preconceived notions, I wasn’t registered, but by the end of the experience, I had finally come to see what all the fuss was about. To put it bluntly -- it was awesome.  This year, I’m signed up and psyched up for those five weeks of workouts.  I certainly don’t have ambitions of competing past the Open at regionals or the games, but I’m really pumped to see what I can do with the tasks set before me. I know there will be successes and failures, and I’m excited to surprise myself in both aspects.

But that’s me. Let’s break down 3 reasons you will want to do the Open this year:

1. Community

Remember that whole thing we posted about community a little while ago?  Well this is IT, people. This is community writ large.  It’s kind of like CrossFit’s holiday season and it’s WORLDWIDE. CrossFitters around the globe tune in each Thursday night to watch each WOD announcement. Then, that night or the following day everyone takes a shot at completing the task set before them. TOGETHER. The competition stage is the world, and your team is Outsiders. We break a sweat and then we break it down -- together and with the whole of CrossFit.

2. Competition

Remember that post about continuous adaptation the other week?  Well this is IT, team.  This is a new situation, a new stimulus, a new push. To really maximize the benefits of CrossFit (your health, wellness, overall humanity, etc) you have to reach for the next challenge. It can be easy (and tempting!) to become comfortable in your own gym with your expected place on the Leaderboard.  The Open comes around to provide that check-up.  The Open will showcase your strengths and expose your weaknesses. This is a great way to track your fitness journey and to catalogue how truly awesome you are becoming (as well set new goals to achieve!).

3. CrossFit

It’s not about “should I or shouldn’t I”.  Like Murph or Fran, The Open can be seen as CrossFit rite of passage.  I’ll be the first to admit that, for me, the Open didn’t really start out being super  inclusive. It really was a competition to see who could compete at the CrossFit Games. Now, I have come to realize, it’s different. We have age groups and scaled divisions. You can find out what people your age/gender/scale are doing across the world. Together, we test ourselves, together we better ourselves.  We step outside our comfort zone, together.  If CrossFit has taught us one thing, it’s that we can do more together.  It’s that simple.

So now that you’re ready to sign do you go about it?  

  1. Head to
  2. Click the sign up button
  3. Enter some general info,
  4. You’re done! You’re in!

Okay, so maybe you’re not yet convinced yet.  I am, after all, a little biased. Well, check out the list of names on the gym whiteboard. Ask, one of your friends why they’ve signed up, and then sign yourself up to support them! If you work out on Fridays (and any class), the WOD will be an Open workout. You’ll end up doing the workouts anyway, so register yourself to track yourself!  We’ll have more info to come about Friday Night Lights and all the logistics about the OPEN at Outsiders. The CrossFit Open is so much more than finding the fittest on Earth. It’s a worldwide movement to better humanity. It’s about find the best version of YOU. Sign up and join Team Outsiders in the Open!

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