January Featured Athlete - Marie Dias

Published January 9, 2017

Congrats to our Featured Athlete, Marie Dias. It has been amazing to watch her progress since starting our program last February. We love having her at Outsiders and she brings positive vibes with her wherever she goes!

1. What was your fitness background prior to joining Outsiders?

Worked out in my basement, treadmill, body pump 3-5 times a week. Have belonged to gyms in the past but got bored very quickly.

2. When did you first start at Outsiders?

February 16th 2016

3. What were your thoughts after your first workout?

I am glad I survived! I want to do this again! I was really nervous that I would not be able to complete that first  workout but quickly realized that with the help of the coaches, I could scale everything to my level.

4. What is your favorite thing about Outsiders CrossFit?

Without a doubt the people! I reconnected with some old friends and made a lot of new ones. The encouragement from everyone keeps me coming back. I have never once felt that I don't belong there because I am not (fill in the blank) fast enough, strong enough, fit enough...

Another great thing is that Outsiders is about family...I love that I get to workout with my husband a couple of times a week (and my daughter before she left for college). I love that we can be on this wellness journey together!

I have probably had a class with almost every coach and cannot say enough good things about each of them...I feel that I get a personal coaching session in a class setting. They have a passion for what they are doing and it shows!

5. What is one goal that you have this year?

It is tough to pick one! I want to continue working on my endurance, get stronger, continue to show up consistently and get my kipping motion down so I can progress from there! 

6. What is one piece of advice that you would give someone considering Outsiders CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?

Don't overthink it! If you have health/fitness goals, just step outside your comfort zone and get a little uncomfortable. No changes happen in your comfort zone! (I know because working out in my basement was my comfort zone). I am a mom of 3 with no prior athletic background but I knew that I wanted to make some changes. I promise that if I can do it, anyone can do it. Just commit before each workout that you will be better than the day before. At Outsiders, YOU are your only competition. Show up! When you work out in an environment that is positive, welcoming and challenging, you will keep coming back and you will see results!

7. What do you see as your greatest improvement as well as some other results from doing CrossFit?

Back in February when I started at Outsiders, I filled out 5 personal goals that I wanted to achieve...more endurance, more tone, look/feel better in my clothes, become more disciplined about fitness, create new friendships. In 11 months, I have achieved ALL of them so I guess it's time to set new goals! Also, starting your day off (I love my 8am class!) at Outsiders, mentally sets you up for a positive day where you can accomplish more! I am grateful to those that encouraged me last January and said "you should do this". Thank you!

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