January Athletes of the Month - Nick and Joyce Hollander

Published January 12, 2018

Congrats to this power couple whose presence make classes more fun for all! We love having their positive and hard working attitudes at Outsiders. These two (along with their children) make Outsiders a better place!

1. What was your fitness background prior to joining Outsiders? 

Nick: I grew up in a sports family with two brother and a sister, so we were always involved in competitive sports from young age.  I did the standard weight lifting routines since I was a teenager, through college and for about 10+ years after college.  Then the days at the gym started slipping as I hit my thirties with kids, a business and other responsibilities. I didn’t really work out for the past 5 years or so other than going for a hike, a run, coaching kids sports, or playing co-ed softball (the beer offset any benefit from the softball). 

Joyce: Soccer since i was about 8. High school, i did track, cross country, and travel soccer. College-winter and spring track freshman year. So a lot of running and lifting and interval workouts. After college, I would lift and run on my own, but mostly doing exercises I knew and equipment I was familiar with. And this would be at a gym, more recently at the Y, along with some yoga classes. I would run on my own around my neighborhood, sometimes with my kids on their bikes/or with me, or dogs on their leashes (2 young Australian shepherds LOVE to run).

2. When did you first start at Outsiders?  

Nick: I started Outsiders August 11 2017 (signed up Joyce without telling her after my foundation classes…HA!).

Joyce: Just before Labor Day of 2017, 2-3 weeks after Nick started. 

3. What were your thoughts after your first workout?  

Nick: Stan pulled the wool over my eyes in the foundations workouts.  Just kidding, Stan informed me very well what to expect and how to attack Crossfit.  My first group WOD had 40 pullups in a row if I remember correctly.  That was a suffer fest for me….been hooked ever since.

Joyce: I thought it was going to be a challenge, but it's what I needed and didn't realize. I was open to it. I always found myself getting bored with my own routine. My mind and body would tell me that I wasn't challenging myself anymore, and with no one but myself to instruct and push me, I could be my own worst enemy. I could think of reasons not to go or run then, because I was becoming bored with the same routine and exercising. This seemed like a fitness that would touch on what was familiar to me, as well as trying new exercises and ways of exercising to get results and get me in shape. 

4. What is your favorite thing about Outsiders CrossFit? 

Nick: A couple things.  I love the feeling you have after a workout is done, knowing you just bettered yourself.  I also like the feeling of being involved with a “second family” when you’re there.  I know it sounds cheesy but Joyce and I have talked about the culture that Stan, Jessica and the coaches have created at Outsiders and it makes you feel good being involved.  The costume WODs, the open mic night, adopting families for Christmas, Lance’s bonfire to name a few things.  We went to another box when we were in PA for the Holidays, and it just wasn’t the same; no “breakdown” at the end, no cheering the last person on at the end, no babies in carriers, etc.  (P.S. I also like the competition, it’s a driving factor for me)

Joyce: The encouraging family atmosphere. I love how everyone encourages each other, instructors and athletes, from the super-fit or just-starting out on the new crossfit path. And how everyone is there to help you improve, whether it's technique or pushing yourself when you think you have nothing left. All of these things, are what families do for each other and i find so great. 

5. What is one goal that you have in the next year?  

Nick: One goal in the next year is to get a ring muscle up. 

Joyce: To do kipping pullups

6. What is one piece of advice that you would give someone considering Outsiders CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?  

Nick: Do it.  It just makes sense.  Whether you’re someone who needs a push just to work out, don’t want to think about what to do at a gym, don’t know what to do or whatever, the benefits from Outsider’s Crossfit for both myself and Joyce have been more than just losing a little weight and getting in better shape even though that is a great benefit.

Joyce: If you are open-minded to it all, it's not only physical improvement for you, but also has the ability to improve your overall life. I find myself mentally happier knowing that I have the ability to push myself when things are difficult, instead of just throwing my hands up in the air and quitting. Each workout you do is a challenge, if you choose to make it that way. And it will improve you physically and mentally, whether you see it right away or not. 

7. What do you see as your greatest improvement as well as some other results from doing CrossFit?  

Nick: Physically, I would say my endurance has improved greatly over the last few months but the one thing I keep thinking about is Outsiders’s Crossfit has improved my families overall quality of life.  It gives Joyce and I something else to bond over, it’s brought my brother down more often to visit, all the kids (JD, Tessa, Colton and Chase) love going with us on the weekends and already have a love for the rig.

Joyce: I have been able to do half double unders (I was an epic disaster when I first started and hated workouts that had them, only did single unders) in workouts now. I can do one kipping pull-up, working on stringing a few together. An amazing result I have found from this journey is that I have built a closer  bond with my husband since starting at outsiders.  It has brought us closer as a couple and we find enjoyment in knowing we are doing something "together", even if we go to different classes :) And it translates into an improved relationship with our kids. They love coming to outsiders and getting stronger and encouraging each other, just like they see at Outsiders! Now, if I can only get them to pick up their stuff like they love to do when they are at Outsiders.....

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