December Athlete of the Month - Joann Doyka

Published December 13, 2017

Congrats to our December Athlete of the Month, Joann. Jo embodies everything it means to be an Outsider. She works hard, encourages others and makes Outsiders a better place.

1. What was your fitness background prior to joining Outsiders?

Softball was my life from the time I was 8 until college. I also played basketball and tennis in H.S. After college I stayed active running half marathons and doing boot camp classes/videos with friends. January 2015, I was 5 months pregnant, and decided to join a CrossFit gym near my home in PA. I blame pregnancy hormones, but it was a great decision.

2. When did you first start at Outsiders?

I emailed Jessica in January 2017 inquiring about dropping in. I didn’t actually work up the courage to drop in until May. I will never forget how nervous I was, but everyone was super friendly and welcoming! I became a full time member in August.

3. What is your favorite thing about Outsiders CrossFit?

There are so many things to love about Outsiders Crossfit. I attend different class times throughout the week and all of the coaches are amazing. The coaches help make you a better version of yourself when you walk through the doors. They always seem to know when to push and encourage you just when you need it. The members and coaches are continually finding ways to give back to the community through canned food drives or adopting families in need during the holiday season. There are always activities planned for members to participate in, helping build a strong sense community. The positive atmosphere, and genuinely good hearted, humble people make Outsiders a rare find.

4. What is one goal that you have in the next year?

I have few, but would love to master butterfly pull-ups, and get my first ring muscle up.

5. What is one piece of advice that you would give someone considering Outsiders CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?

You won’t regret it! You will only regret not taking the leap sooner. Don’t be intimidated by CrossFit, it truly is for everyone!

6. What do you see as your greatest improvement as well as some other results from doing CrossFit?

My cardiovascular endurance and stamina have increased significantly. I feel as if I’m in the best shape of my life. I no longer dread 20 minute workouts, but actually look forward to them. Bulking is something I feared in college during weight training, and I did due to a poor diet. Nutrition is something I have always struggled with. Outsiders Fall nutrition challenge changed my perspective on what healthy eating truly is and the benefits. When I first started CrossFit bulking crossed my mind again, but with better nutrition I have definitely leaned out instead. CrossFit has also filled the competitive void in my life. Not necessarily competing with other members, but with myself. It is great to see your times decrease, and know you are continually making progress.

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