October Athlete of the Month - Elizabeth Dodson

Published October 17, 2017

Elizabeth has been coming to CrossFit consistently with a smile on her face since the day she walked through our doors 3 1/2 years ago. She works hard, stays positive and has fun which has led to a ton of success in her fitness journey. 

What was your fitness background prior to joining Outsiders?

Prior to joining Outsiders, I participated in exercise classes like Zumba and walked/hiked with my family.  I have never ever been athletic but not for lack of trying!  I could hike uphill but coming back down was a challenge; I can’t really ride a bike because I’m afraid of falling over; and yes, I am a Level 2 certified SCUBA diver but don’t ask me to swim a long distance without a BC.  I love to try new fitness activities and I have tried out classes in everything from Aerial Yoga (fun but no cardio) to Pole Dancing (can you say Groupon?).  But at the end of the day, nothing held my attention for very long - not until I started at Outsiders.

 When did you first start at Outsiders?

I started at Outsiders in April, 2014.  My friend Caron, who is also an athlete at Outsiders, saw your sign by the side of York Road and wanted to give it a try.  Caron and I had been taking Zumba classes but we were getting bored with the routine.  So, without knowing anything at all about CrossFit, I said “sure, I’ll go with you and give it a try.”  I’m not sure that I would have tried if I looked on-line because I would have been way too intimidated.  I’m glad I never looked and just showed up!

 What were your thoughts after your first workout?

My thoughts after my first workout were:   everyone here is so nice, this is fun - I’ve never done anything like this ever before in my life, and ….. I wonder if I will be able to walk tomorrow!

 What is your favorite thing about Outsiders CrossFit?

I absolutely love love love the community at Outsiders!!  If it were not for the amazing coaches and people at Outsiders, it would be easy to get pulled into all the other busy aspects of life and continue to drift on to the next thing.  All of the coaches know how to teach so that each part of the WOD is broken down to prevent injury and get the most efficiency out of each movement.  Efficient translation of potential and kinetic energy into mechanical energy and lift with minimal randomness!  Round that out with the incredible, warm, caring, and loving athlete members – my Outsiders family – and you have got a winning combination.

 What is one goal that you have in the next year?

One goal is not easy to define.  I’ve got several things that I want to achieve in the next year:  my first 5K race with my Outsiders family, real-consistent double-unders, and maybe even my first pull-up.  I’m closer to some of these things than others but heck, I have a full year to accomplish these goals!

 What is one piece of advice that you would give someone considering Outsiders CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?

You-got-it!  Don’t let what you read and see on-line scare you from trying CrossFit.  At Outsiders, there is always an option that will work for your level of fitness:  can’t lift the heavy bar, choose a lighter weight or use the PVC bar; box too high to jump onto, step-up onto a lower box; squats are hurting your knees, try squatting onto a box so you are mimicking sitting on a chair and standing right up; or can’t do that pull-up, well no worries – neither can I:  we can find an option that will work for us together!

 What do you see as your greatest improvement as well as some other results from doing CrossFit?

I think my greatest improvement has been in my running.  When I started at Outsiders, I struggled to run the 200m warm-up.  And just last week, I ran 2000 meters along with completing the push jerks and modified toes-to-bar.  2-0-0-0 meters Whooo-Hooo!!  Mind you, in my estimation I am slow, one might even say “slow as molasses going uphill in the winter” but I did it and I know that I can do it again.  Also, I have improved tremendously in many other areas like strength (shhhhhhh, don’t tell my hubby how much I can lift!) and coordination.  And an unexpected outcome of CrossFit is that I am now a bona fide Athlete.

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