April Athlete of the Month - Marie Rocen

Published April 19, 2016

 Shout out to Marie! It has been impressive to watch her progress at Outsiders. She is hard worker, inspiring and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. 

1. What is your fitness background prior to joining Outsiders?

Growing up I did a variety of sports, from gymnastics to martial arts. As an adult, I did classes at the gym and some running on my own. Prior to joining Outsiders, I was struggling with getting to the gym and felt like I needed to challenge myself with something new.  

 2. When did you first start at Outsiders CrossFit?

In the fall of 2014 I saw an Outsiders sign during a run; I’d heard of CrossFit and was curious.

 3. What were your thoughts after your first workout?

I liked the structure of the class and the individual attention that the coaches gave to everyone…then I couldn’t walk for a week!  I think I was hooked after the first class because it was such a positive environment and offered a new set of challenges with each WOD.

4. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

CrossFit challenges me physically, but has also made me stronger in other aspects of my life.  After I leave the box (and I catch breath), I feel like I can take on just about anything put in front of me with some strength, determination and patience.  I think we’re a community that inspires and encourages one another, which is something I never received from another gym.

5. What is one goal that you have this year?

Nutrition! I’d like to work on eating cleaner and drinking more water. I eat well now, but would like to step it up and challenge myself.

6. What is one piece of advice that you would give someone considering CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?

Anyone can start somewhere and don’t be intimated! It took me months to get the lingo down and even longer to feel comfortable with technique…and there’s always room for improvement.

7. What do you see as your greatest improvement as well as some other results from doing CrossFit?

I thought my days of doing pull ups were over, let alone a hand stand push up.  However, I’ve surprised myself and can now do these after a lot of hard work.  I really enjoy CF and it feels good making my health and fitness a top priority!

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