June Athlete of the Month - Candace Violanti

Published June 15, 2015

We love having Candace at Outsiders! She brings a ton positivity to the gym and is so supportive of everyone around her.  It has been amazing to see her progress since starting! Read her story below!

1. When did you first join Outsiders?  Were you active prior to joining?

Mid december.  I was a member at a local gym for many years but just seemed to be wandering around and doing a class one or two days a week.  Just kind of lost at the gym with no direction.

2. What were your thoughts after your first workout?  Is it what you expected?

Well, considering my first workout was a X-mas WOD, it was an eye opener and I was actually totally excited.

3. To you, what makes Outsiders CrossFit so special? 

I love coming to Outsiders.  Everytime I walk in the door, there is always a friendly face greeting me.  It may be a coach or another member.  I love that we always introduce ourselves and tell a little about ourselves in almost every warm-up.  My husband teases me that I am not super social, so this does take me out of my comfort zone.  

4. Your husband also attends Outsiders and your daughters in CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Varsity. How has Outsiders impacted your family?

The fact that the whole family is involved in Outsiders crossfit, we have fun conversations about WOD's and AMRAPS and other crossfit lingo.  I love that its bringing the family together.

5. How has your mindset changed from before you started to your first few months and from your first few months to now?

So I work with a girl that is a big crossfitter and she would talk about it all the time.  I just felt like right from the beginning that this was for me.  I couldn't wait to start.  I knew that once I got the movements down, I could start to add weight and move up from there.  I just love coming into the box.

6. What is one tip you would give someone considering or just getting started a Outsiders?

My one tip that I give friends just starting out, is go at your own pace.  The weights that I do, are going to be different than the weights that you do, which are different than the weights that the guy next to me does.  Don't be intimidated.  Everything can be scaled.  I always stress that.  I think that people (especially women), have a misconception about crossfit.  That you have to already be in shape to start.  Not true. This is where the scaling comes into play.

7. Talk about your results since joining Outsiders? 

My strength has increased considerably.  I love starting a movement as scaled and then being able to move to actual prescribed movement.  And so,  while the scale says I have not lost any weight, my clothes fit completely different.  I have pants that I have not been able to fit into in 3 years, and 3 months after starting crossfit i slipped them on.   I was so excited.  Glad I didn't get rid of them.  

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