May Athlete of the Month - Gerry Sandusky

Published May 1, 2015

From day one, Gerry has been extremely coachable and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on everyone at Outsiders.  He has seen great results and is a poster child for the Outsiders programs.  Hats off to Gerry for all his hard work!


1. When did you first join Outsiders?  Were you active prior to joining?

Joined last April. Yes, I was active. Worked out at different gyms, did P90X, but for the most part was probably kidding myself that I was in decent shape.

2. What were your thoughts after your first workout?  Is it what you expected?

Thought 1: Wow, I am not in good shape.

Thought 2: I will never accuse anyone of throwing like a girl again because Krissy Lerner just kicked my butt!

Thought 3: I have never had this much fun before working out.

Thought 4: This is what a great team feels like.

3. To you, what makes Outsiders CrossFit so special? 

The first is the amazing range every trainer has. Each has the ability to help a newcomer and push an experience athlete at the same time. That’s amazing. The second is the people. I’ve been around a lot of teams in sports and few—if any—have the true team atmosphere that I love at Outsiders. It’s a rare thing to take part in an atmosphere where people compete and support each other simultaneously. That’s special. The third is the call to conscience. It’s easy to have an atmosphere where people push for better times, heavier weights, greater performance. But it’s far more impactful to find a competitive atmosphere that revolves around a core of fairness, accuracy, and honesty and challenges members to become better people, not just athletes. I love that.

4. You have always been a consistent attender to Outsiders. How have you been able to maintain that consistency over time with your busy work schedule?

You can’t do everything in life. I try to list my priorities every week and I put getting to Outsiders four times as a priority. Fortunately Outsiders has plenty of time options. Equally fortunate, no one seems to mind me showing up looking like road kill after a late night at work.

5. How has your mindset changed from before you started to your first few months and from your first few months to now?

The biggest change is how I have learned the link between what I eat—and don’t eat— and how I perform in class. When I first came to Cross Fit I was a pasta-holic. Now I don’t eat grains. The relationship between food and fitness has evolved dramatically for me.

5. What do you think are the keys to your CrossFit success?

It’s the same as any other success I have had in my life:

1. Show up. No matter how poorly I do I always remind myself I did better than everyone who didn’t show up today and I feel better than if I hadn’t shown up today. 

2. Stay hungry. I love how every single time I come to CrossFit I learn something new—a new skills, a new technique, a new barrier to cross.

3. Stay humble. Keep focusing on your vision instead of falling in love with your progress.

6. What would you say to someone who says that they are not in good enough shape to start at Outsiders CrossFit?

That makes them the perfect candidate. No one is in good enough to start at Outsiders. That’s the magic of it. Outsiders starts with where you are. You don’t start where Outsiders is. No matter where you are, the Outsiders coaches will help you modify every workout so you experience success. Just start. I did. You can too.

7. Talk about your results since joining Outsiders CrossFit? 

I had a physical two weeks ago. The results stunned me. My blood pressure was 98 over 58. My resting heart rate was 60. My cholesterol levels—hdl and ldl—and all of my other blood work prompted my doctor to say, “Wow. You’re results are better than they have been since before you turned 35.” I’m now 53. I have had other more obvious results too. I have lost 19 pounds and 3 inches off my waist—and I scored a sweet pair of shoes for referring a new member!

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