March Athletes of the Month - Brian and Gayle

Published March 17, 2015

We are so proud of all of the progress these two have made since joining Outsiders CrossFit through our corporate wellness program at Kelly & Associates!  It has been awesome to watch them grow as athletes.  They are also two of the most supportive people we have at the box and are always encouraging the success of those around them.  The Kelly class would surely not be the same without them!

1. When did you first join Outsiders? 

G- I joined Outsiders in April 2014. I was active prior to Outsiders and had a regular gym routine and took group classes. They were fun and I was staying consistent, but I was in need of a change.

B - Were you active prior to joining?  July 2014.  Actually, my first recorded WOD was on 7/11/2014 which I believe is 'Slurpee Day'.   I wasn't super active prior, I had a very hard time getting into any type of consistent program and at the time, prior to joining Outsiders I was in a major slide of Extreme Couch Potatoing (if that's even a thing).

2. What were your thoughts after your first workout?  Is it what you expected?

G- I was hooked after our first trial workout. I remember doing thrusters with an empty barbell during the trial class and being so sore for the next two days. I immediately loved the environment and could not wait to sign up and go to my next class.

B- My entire body was sore, and that was just doing Thrusters with a 35# Bar.  And I really didn't know what to expect going into it.  I guess a lot of people make CrossFit out to be this crazy group of jacked people, when really all walks of life are represented and the community is outstanding.

3. What do you enjoy the most about Outsiders CrossFit?

G- I enjoy the community at Outsiders. I always look forward to being there whether it’s to work out or hang out. Everyone is so supportive, helpful, fun, and friendly. There is never a dull moment.

B- The community at Outsiders is amazing.  It's been great getting to meet so many new friends and people that will help continue to push you and help you push yourself.

4. What are some of the benefits of working out at Outsiders with your spouse? 

G- Some of the benefits of working out with your spouse are always having a partner and supporter at each workout. We are each other’s cheerleaders and hold each other accountable. It’s also nice to have a hobby to share with your spouse. It look me several months to convince Brian to give CF a try, but I am so happy he did and enjoys it as much as I do.

B- Originally I wasn't even going to join Outsiders.  Gayle joined in April of 2014 and I kind of just kept making excuses to not sign up.  Gayle was very persistent about getting me off the couch and into the box, every month she was asking if I was going to sign up.  It's seriously been one of the best things to happen to me.  It's such a great feeling to watch each other grow and get stronger and being there for the other when they PR or Rx the WOD.  I didn't have a whole lot of confidence that I could really do CrossFit, but Gayle knew I could.

5. How has your mindset changed from before you started to your first few months and from your first few months to now?

G- During the first few months, the KELLY class was given a scaled workout. There were so many times when I would look at the scaled WOD in the morning and think “ How am I going to do that?” or “ I am going to be the last one done.”  I couldn’t even think about surviving the WOD the rest of the gym was doing or RXing anything.  After several months, the KELLY class transitioned to the regular WODS and as I got stronger and more confident, my mindset totally changed. I no longer look at a WOD and think about what I can’t do or care if I come in last. I just focus on doing the best I can do that day and constantly push myself.

B- Originally there was a lot of things that I'd look at and just think "Oh man, I will NEVER be able to do that" and I think it was a lot of times where I felt "Why even try?".  However, flash forward about 6months and I feel like that with proper training and determination I'll be able to accomplish anything.  I finally was able to squeeze out my first few Toes to Bar a few weeks back, I can't string them, but I did them.  I don't just have the mindset where I think "Man, I'd love to do that" I have the mindset of "Give me a few months and I will do that!"

6. What do you think are the keys to your CrossFit success?

G- I think the keys to my success at CrossFit are staying consistent, always trying my best, and focusing on good form before adding weight.  

B- Two things really...I have an amazingly supportive wife that always pushes me to push myself and I wouldn't be here today without her.  I also never try to compete with the athlete across from me and just continue to compete with myself and push myself, I think it's a great way to crush a Strength complex or Metcon anyday!

7. What is one tip you would give someone considering Outsiders CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?

G- I would tell anyone who is curious to forget about anything negative they have ever heard about CrossFit. Go in with an open mind, form your own opinion and leave your ego at the door.

B- Don't expect to do a ring muscle up on day one and just open yourself to the knowledge and experience of the Coaches and fellow athletes.  You're gonna do great things, you just don't know it yet.

8. Talk about your results since joining Outsiders CrossFit.

G- I have experienced so many positive results. Brian and I work on our nutrition and meal planning with Becca. I dropped around 10% of body fat within a few months of following her plans and staying consistent with workouts. My arms, legs, and back are more defined and I feel more confident in general. I am currently doing a Whole30 challenge and make efforts to eat Paleo most of the time.  In addition to the health stuff, I have met some amazing people and have become a member of a great community.

B- Since I've joined Outsiders I've felt a lot more confident as a whole.  I've found strength that I never knew I had and surprisingly I have pretty good mobility for a big guy.  Gayle and I have both worked with Becca for our nutrition and have noticed incredible results and have been able to change our lifestyle in more positive ways.  I also get a little spring in my step when I wear some Outsiders gear outside of the box, it feels like a badge of honor to be associated with such a strong and spirited community of fellow athletes and friends.


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