January Athletes of the Month - Jason and Chrissy Lerner

Published January 18, 2015

Jason and Chrissy are perfect examples of how to use Outsiders to achieve your goals.  It has been amazing to watch their sucess and how every area of their life has been impacted.  In addition, they are unbelievable supportive to the entire Outsiders community.   Thank you for everything you do for us and fellow Outsiders.  Outsiders would not be the same without you.

1. When did you first join Outsiders?  Were you active prior to joining?

Jason: I joined Outsiders in November of 2013. Until then I had been doing the same upper body workout 3 times a week for over 15 years. I hadn’t done a leg work out since college when a strength and conditioning coach forced me to.

Chrissy: I officially joined in June 2013. I have always been active, especially before having kids. I was a collegiate athlete and worked in the field as a strength and conditioning coach and exercise physiologist. After becoming a stay at home mom, fitness wasn't much of a priority. I went to the gym sporadically and did the trainer, yoga, pilates routine.


2. What were your thoughts after your first workout?  Is it what you expected?

Jason: Walking into the box for the first time I was intimidated. I thought everyone would watch me and judge my performance. I did not expect the supportive culture that I found. Even after the first workout, I knew that CrossFit and specifically Outsiders was exactly what I was looking for. I remember being very sore and hoping I didn’t embarrass Chrissy.

Chrissy: I was thinking, why didn't I start this sooner?!! I was exhausted, exhilarated, and ready for the next workout. It was exactly what I expected in the best way possible. I knew that this was the perfect fit for me.


3. What do you enjoy the most about Outsiders CrossFit? 

Jason: I love the way I feel when the workout is over. The workouts are always challenging and different. Before joining Outsiders, my workouts were a chore and something that took me away from my family. Now it is almost a family outing. I am able to experience the feeling of being part of a team – something I had missed since college.

Chrissy: I love everything about Outsiders CrossFit! I really do look forward to coming into the box to see my friends and coaches and work hard for an hour. I like that the workouts change every day, and it's never boring. I am honestly bummed when I miss a WOD, even on my rest days.


4. What are some of the benefits of working out at Outsiders with your spouse?

Jason: There is a lot of built in accountability. It makes it very hard to skip a workout that your wife is going to. It is much more fun working out with Chrissy. I really enjoy working together during partner workouts – even though I slow her down.

Chrissy: I enjoy the fact that we both do the same workout so we can compare results. We are competitive, and also get to cheer each other on. The best part is that our kids see their parents lifting, running, and staying healthy. They want to learn the movements, we even have WODs in our basement. We are proud that squats, kettlebells, burpees, and box jumps are part of their vocabulary!


5. How has your mindset changed from before you started to your first few months and from your first few months to now?

Jason: When I started it was almost like I was treating the symptoms and not addressing the cause. I was exercising to compensate for all of the unhealthy things I was doing (eating too much of the wrong foods, not getting enough sleep). Now I am living a much healthier lifestyle – eating cleaner, being more active, and making good choices.

Chrissy: Before I started CrossFit I was just going through the motions, I had to drag myself (with toddler in tow) into my globo-gym. I started looking forward to working out, and it was fun for me again.  Now, even after 1 1/2 years, I keep reaching my goals and yet am humbled by how much more there is to learn.



6. What do you think are the keys to your CrossFit success?

Jason: As a former collegiate athlete, I had a good foundation of strength and mobility – I just needed to find it again. CrossFit has become a part of my routine. I come in 4-5 times a week at the same time. I also push myself to get better, competing against myself and not the whiteboard. It also helps to have Chrissy by my side.

Chrissy: I think that I am consistent. I try to make it in 4-5 times/week, and give it everything I have. I know that some days will be better than others. I also found an awesome group of people who are really fun, motivating, and supportive. I love my 9:30 "Mom WOD"!  We have also started to follow the paleo diet after a few rounds of Whole 30. Limiting sugar and grains was a game-changer for me.


7. What is one tip you would give someone considering Outsiders CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?

Jason: Just do it. I spent a few months before I joined getting ready. The former athlete in me felt like I had to be the best before I even showed up. Rather than start slow and learn and make gradual improvements, I tried to do too much too soon. Once I let go and concentrated on getting better and healthier and not just throwing up the highest weight is when I started to see improvements. Stick with it. There is a lot to be said for simply showing up. The coaches and athletes are supportive and make you feel welcome regardless of your fitness level.

Chrissy: Don't wait until you get more fit, lose 10 pounds, or whatever excuse you may have. Just go and try it out, you won't regret it. All of the coaches are amazing and professional, and they will help you get the most out of your workout, whether you have never picked up a barbell or you are an avid lifter.


8. Talk about your results since joining Outsiders CrossFit?

Jasson: In addition to feeling better and changing my body composition, I have changed the way I look at exercise and eating.  I am definitely stronger and more fit. I wish I had started when I was almost 30 instead of almost 40.

Chrissy: I'm so much healthier physically. My body is leaner and stronger than it has been since my college days. I continue to lift heavier weight, run faster, and improve my gymnastics skills. I am a more confident person and have more energy. The hour I give to CrossFit helps to balance me. CrossFit helped me get a part of myself back that I lost for a little while after becoming a mommy. I love being a strong, healthy role model for my kids.

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