December Athlete of the Month - Amanda Rodowsky

Published December 12, 2014

We are so proud of Amanda! Over the past month, she has really increased her dedication and drive toward health and fitness and has made so much progress.  She brings a whole new energy into the box and it is so uplifting to have her around.  Thank you, Amanda, it is such a pleasure to work with you each day!


1.Were you active prior to CrossFit? 

I was living a pretty sedentary life prior to crossfit. I was diagnosed with Fribromyalgia in 2010 and was in chronic pain and had no energy to do anything. I had put on weight and was eating horribly. I needed a change.

2. When did you first start doing CrossFit? 

I signed up in 2013 and came off and on for over a year but was struggling to get into a routine. I finally got myself in gear this past November.

3. What were your thoughts after your first workout? 

I had to go home and lay down! I loved it though! 

4. What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

I love that no matter how long it took me to get to this point Stan and Jessica never gave up on me. Outsiders is changing my life for the better. I'm getting healthy and building back confidence in myself.

5. What are your goals over the next 6 months?

I want to continue to become healthier and become a bigger part of the Outsiders community.  

6. What is your favorite CrossFit movement? 

I like front/back squats

7. What is your least favorite movement? 


8. What is one tip you would give someone considering CrossFit or a new CrossFitter?

You can do it! It will be hard and challenging but it's totally worth it.

9.Talk about your results from doing CrossFit?

It has improved my life beyond words. My Fribromyalgia barely bothers me, I have energy, I've lost 15 pounds and I eat clean. Most of all it was given me confidence and happiness! I have done things that I never thought I could or would do! 

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